Ten of My Favorite April Fools Day Youtube Videos (2016)

I’m not entirely sure how to start this post off… no clue actually. But what I do know is that this list is entirely just for fun and has no seriousness to it once so ever. Also remember how this list is entirely opinionated. So if you found a video that you think that should be on here but isn’t, then chances are I haven’t seen it or just didn’t find it funny. Also this list is not in any particular order.

That’s right people!!! I can say what ever the fuck I want and I gave you a warning of there being explicit language, so now you peeps can deal with it or close the page now if you don’t want to put up with this crude language. Now with that being said… ON WITH THE LIST!!!

… you thought you could just go onto the list? Firstly, I want to say that I am in no way shape or form trying to offend anyone. Secondly, this list is just for the fun of it and is not serious or even professional for that matter. Now, ON WITH THE LIST (for real this time)!!!



Our first video is made by the anime review channel that goes by the name of “The Anime Man (or TAM for short)”. In the video TAM made, he shows off a hell of a lot of really AMAZING *says sarcastically* anime series…pffft who am I kidding? All of the anime in there are absolute GARBAGE. The video even goes as far as using clips from the ever so popular Drama Alert and Filthy Franks as a way to ensure to the viewers that he is in fact trolling. Overall it was a memetastic and arrogant video that will be sure to give you a laugh or two.


Ever wonder what the hell would happen if Youtube went on a rampage to destroy the earth? I know I haven’t!!! Well guess what guys? You get to find out anyways so deal with it! In this humorous video by AlternateHistoryHub talking about many different internet gods and the clash that occurs between them once every year on the First of April. Overall, I found the video very entertaining and creative at the same time.


Just like the video’s description says “I couldn’t think of a prank, so I made this”, I really have no reason as to why I posted this other than to fill a spot in this list and to annoy the crap out of whoever is reading this random-ass post in the first place. ANYWAYS this video is a cover song of the ever so popular anime “Boku no Pico” performed and uploaded by Theishter and is kinda interesting… I guess… but HEY at least the dude knows how to play the piano really well!


Just like my last video that I talked about, it really isn’t a prank per say. BUT, it is a good video to watch if you want to laugh your ass off for five minutes while watching Markiplier make an absolute fool of himself. Just as a bonus, I decided to make a small playlist of three different videos of absolutely randomness and hilarity… mostly because I felt it would be a cop-out if I posted three of these videos in a row. All of which are equality funny.


From the very start of this video, I knew that this nigga was trolling. And guess what??? HE WAS. You could tell from the very beginning that he was joking. From the way how he goes out of his way to tell an excessive amount of lies and even compare it to the scum of the anime industry “Green Green”. Tho I have to give credit to TheBlackCriticGuy for being able to keep a straight face throughout the entire video… mostly. Otherwise a great video and love the touch of throwing in the Internet’s favorite song “Never Gunna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Btw, Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece and is a series that I might want to review eventually.


Welp… this is the last thing I thought I would see Marvel Studios Entertainment to ever put out. Enjoy watching this ass-tastic video of Deadpool dancing for sixty-five minutes straight. For anyone who can watch this video in it’s entirety and not go insane… that person deserves a medal of honor… and a trip to a mental hospital.


What’s better than boobs, boobs, and more boobs? I don’t know… but at least it is in an English dub! Enjoy this another meme-tastic video of Gigguk’s that is quite similar to TAM’s video. Anyways it is a TOTALLY  *says sarcasticsaly* honest review of Bible Black.


Anyone want to know what Lootcrate’s next subscription box service will be??? I sure didn’t! Yet I still watched this video anyways, and boy was I surprised at all the crazy ideas being cooked up in those marketing team’s  mind. And what we ended up with was a literal box announcement made specifically for people with rich pockets of the boxes being as cheap as $40 dollars EACH. Totally a great marketing idea!!!… NOT.


Oh boy, her we go. Mother’s Basement has finally decided to dissect the opening 2 teh gr8est animu evah maid! Cory in the House! Overall, I thought the video was a clever way to make all the trolls shut up about making an video on Cory in the House. Guess they need to get onto dat “That’s So Raven” manga hype!


I could go on a rant about how much I despise this bitch, but I have decided not too… I LIED! Sarkeesian is nothing more of a man-hater and is the very definition of what a feminist is not. Other than that, this is the only video that I am honestly pissed off at because Gaming Wildlife decided to release a video that did not chastise the one person who is debatably the most hated female in the entire gaming industry. And instead decided to poke fun of their fans by making fun of some internet memes like John Cena and brazzers. But HEY! At least it wasn’t more than two minutes of my life being wasted away like some of the other videos in this list!


Just as a bonus, here is a screenshot directly taken from Pornhub.

That’s all I have to say, peace out Trump Supporters!! See you tomorrow when I review Anthem of the Heart.


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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Hehe. I liked the Top 10 Anime and Bible Black review.

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    1. I would say that this is the best and worst post i have made so far

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