Top 20 Pets in Anime

In the spirit of National Pet’s Day, I thought it may be fun to make this little post celebrating some of our favorite little furry friends in anime.


Pet’s Name: Apo
Anime Title: Space Brothers

Pet’s Name: Aria Pokoteng
Anime Title: Aria the Natural

Pet’s Name: Cha
Anime Title: Amanchu

Pet’s Name: Daru
Anime Title: She & Her Cat ~Everything Flows~

Pet’s Name: Ein
Anime Title: Cowboy Bebop

Pet’s Name: Iggy
Anime Title: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Pet’s Name: Inko
Anime Title: Toradora

Pet’s Name: Madara
Anime Title: Natsume’s Book of Friends

Pet’s Name: Maron
Anime Title: Silver Spoon

Pet’s Name: Moro
Anime Title: Princess Mononoke


Pet’s Name: Naygoya
Anime Title: My Little Monster

Pet’s Name: Patrasche
Anime Title: The Dog of Flanders (1997)

Screenshot 2016-07-21 20.42.07.png

Pet’s Name: Pen Pen
Anime Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pet’s Name: Pikachu & Meowth
Anime Title: Pokémon

Pet’s Name: Sadaharu
Anime Title: Gintama

Pet’s Name: Sakamoto
Anime Title: Nichijou

Pet’s Name: Sonic Speed
Anime Title: Kekkai Sensen

Pet’s Name: Taromaru
Anime Title: Gakkou Gurashi

Pet’s Name: Tobimaru
Anime Title: Sword of the Stranger

Pet’s Name: Wanpo
Anime Title: Hajime no Ippo


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I want sensei. For me, number one will be Ossan from Summer Days with Coo, by the way that movie is masterpiece, would like to read your review on that.

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    1. Well, I have reviewed one of Mamoru Hosoda’s other films. Wolf Children.

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  2. Rose says:

    Creative post! My favourite one is Meowth.

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