Anime Everyone Loves, But I Don’t

I was inspired to make this post after seeing a video of it made by Anime America fairly recently, and I thought why not make my own spin on this idea!

So as you can guess by the title of this blog post “Anime Everyone Loves But I Don’t” is all about the shows that I personally am not a fan of yet everyone around me seems to love. Just know that this is a 100% subjective post and are just my personal opinion and nothing to get all-up-in-arms just because I mention one of your all time favorite anime. This post is comprised of shows that I was just simply overhyped by, just found it boring, or even just downright despise. Also just to set everything straight, for all of the anime mentioned I have fully completed all of them or at the very least the first season of the show. If there is anything on that I mention that you believe deserves another chance, then mention it in the comment section as to why you believe that I undervalued a show and why I should it a rewatch in the future.

Also… Beware of Spoilers (located in the reasoning category of each show)!!!

Now with that being said, let’s get into the post!


Anime: Btooom!
Production Studio: Madhouse
Episode Count: 12 eps
Release Year: Fall 2012
Genre: Action, Game, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Seinen
MAL vs. My Score: 7.65/10 … 2/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Battle Royale & The Hunger Games
Reason: The gimmick of this series is what made the show bad in the first place. All it is is a version of Battle Royale or The Hunger Games and instead of playing with a large assortment of weapons, you can only use bombs… How stupid of a premise can you get?

Honestly, the only thing I enjoyed about this show was the Nano Opening Theme.

Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1
Production Studio: Sunrise
Episode Count: 50 eps
Release Year: Fall 2006
Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Super Power, Mecha, School
MAL vs. My Score: 8.81/10 … 4/10 (enjoyment wise… 0/10)
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, & Mobile Suit Gundam
Reason: Oh boy, if I never had one single show to give the label of “overrated” too; it would easily be this series. I found this to be the most boring action series I have ever seen with one of the most convoluted and absurd stories I have ever seen. All of the characters are horribly written and could easily be replaced with cardboard cutouts, you could see more characterization in those cutouts than in the characters seen in the show… with the exception of Lelouch who was a great character in the long run.

I wanted to love this series so much, but in the end, I couldn’t.

This series somehow was the first anime to ever put me to sleep while viewing because of how much I didn’t care about what was happening onscreen. This film not only made me fall asleep one time, not two times, … but five times! All on completely different days. This show felt like torture to get through, it took me over two months slowly dragging myself in the mud forcing me to finish this atrocity of an anime. At the time when I was watching this show, I was fairly new to the anime medium so I was largely into watching anime in subtitles but about halfway through I gave up and had to switch over to dub just to make it slightly more bearable to sit through. I wish I wasn’t being serious, but the only episode I enjoyed was the one where Lelouch was forced to chase around some stupid cat that was running around with his helmet on.

I’m sorry, but I am not going to be sitting through another torturous 25 episodes just to see this infamous ending of the series that is now rendered useless because of R3’s recent announcement. I had to stop after R1 was over. Count me out by the time that R3 begins to air because I want nothing to do with this series anymore.

Anime: Eden of the East
Production Studio: Production I.G
Episode Count: 11 eps + Two Movies
Release Year: Spring 2009
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller
MAL vs. My Score: 8.01/10 … 3/10 (TV) & 5/10 (Movies)
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Terror in Resonance
Reason: It’s a shame having to mention this really. I was so excited to find out that there was another show about terrorism other than ZnT, obviously, I was excited about this show. The thing is… I never ended up caring for any of the characters, the pacing of the show was hard to keep track of what was even happening, and overall the show was just dull and forgettable. I do remember enjoying the two movies more than the tv series.

Just a shame really since I was so excited for this series.

Anime: Future Diary
Production Studio: Asread
Episode Count: 26 eps
Release Year: Fall 2011
Genres: Action, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Shounen
MAL vs. My Score: 8.01/10 … 3/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Battle Royale & The Hunger Games
Reason: This show, in particular, is the most interesting reason as to why it is up here. I personally first started watching anime in Summer of 2014, namely being Mirai Nikki as the 4th anime I have ever completed. At the time I was in love with the characters and the world and the action that is taking place, I was a man of simple tastes. I see action and gore, I enjoyed it. However as I slowly started to watch more and more anime as time went by, I started to realize the flaws in the show namely how undeveloped the characters were and just how stupid of a plot the series actually had, like how the special abilities of each cell phone makes no sense once so ever and especially the ending of the show where it still to this day had one of the worst animes I have ever seen.

Anime: Garden of Sinners ~Remaining Sense of Pain (Movie 3)~
Production Studio: ufotable
Time Length: 58 minutes
Release Year: Winter 2008
Genres: Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Drama, Thriller
MAL vs. My Score: 8.19/10 … 6/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Garden of Sinners: Paradox Spiral (Movie 5) & Fate/Zero
Reason: I don’t have a very specific reason as to why this show was on here. I enjoyed pretty much every other film in the Kara no Kyoukai franchise with the exception of Movie 6. I just never understood why Shiki was fighting that girl I guess, the soundtrack and visuals were solid and the action was good. But something just never clicked with me, I guess that just having action for the sake of having action does not automatically mean that I will enjoy it.

Anime: Gate ~Thus the JSDF Fought Here~
Production Studio: A-1 Pictures
Episode Count: 24 episodes
Release Year: Summer 2015 & Winter 2016
Genres: Action, Military, Adventure, Fantasy
MAL vs. My Score: 7.94/10 … 2/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: ReCreators, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (and Virgin Soul) & Moribito
Reason: Modern-Day Military versus Sword and Sandal style Army… What’s not to love? Oh… Right… Nothing!

Gate has an interesting premise for the show as I explained earlier but has horrible execution. First thing right off the bat is how the show is otaku pandering by making the main protagonist a NEET while still being a high ranking officer in JSDF. Hell, even the MC values manga more than the safety of his own country’s’ citizens!!!

The characters of the show are the most boring and worst I have ever seen. Horrible MC and in particular Rory is one of the worst female characters I have ever seen, if I were to ever make a “Worst Girls in Anime” post, Rory would be high up on that list.

Honestly, there really is not much I can say that I enjoyed about the series. It is a downright bad series. A huge waste of eight hours of my life that I will never be able to get back. I tried to give this show a chance to prove myself wrong and show how it is truly a good series, but it never could.

Anime: Kekkai Sensen
Production Studio: Bones
Episode Count: 12 eps
Release Year: Spring 2015 + 2nd Season Coming Fall 2017
Genres: Action, Super Power, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shounen
MAL vs. My Score: 7.72/10 … 5/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Trigun, Baccano, Durarara, & Cowboy Bebop
Reason: First seeing a show made by the mangaka behind Trigun and animated by Studio Bones and set in a supernatural version of NYC… You could say that I was more than just a little excited for this show to start airing in the Spring of 2015. The first episode rolled around and I absolutely fell in love with the world and characters for first impressions at least, then slowly I began to realize that the show would become an episodic series where there really was no consequences for the actions that the characters made. What I mean by no consequences is because of the fact in which entire buildings or even city blocks will be destroyed and turned into rubble in one episode, yet the next episode these buildings would be rebuilt as if nothing had even happened. I was also extremely disappointed by how the series ended up being episodic and not a more supernatural version of Baccano, while also having a show with a stellar voice acting cast and fantastic character designs and actions scenes… All to turn out to be a show with lackluster written characters that could never reach the level of quality that their designs portrayed.

It’s such a shame really because I was so excited to see this series and loved the first episode but shortly afterward the show began on a steep downward slope in terms of enjoyment.

If there was at least one saving grace for the show, the English Dub was extremely high quality for what little of it that I saw.

Here’s to hoping that while watching the second season in the fall, that my opinions of this show will change for the better.

Anime: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
Production Studio: Brain’s Base & feel.
Episode Count: 26 eps
Release Year: Spring 2013 & Spring 2015
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School
MAL vs. My Score: 8.12/10 … 4/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kokoro Connect, & Catcher and the Rye
Reason: I mean, I guess I enjoyed watching Hachiman be super hyper aware of everything around him, but if I wanted to see that type of personality then I would rather just re-read Catcher and the Rye due to the way that Holden Caulfield narrates the entire novel. As for the rest of the characters in OreGairu… I just could not be any less interested in any and all aspects about them. I quite simply grew bored out of my mind while watching this show and honestly, I don’t even remember anything that even happened in this show.

I was just so bored out of the first season that I never even bothered watching the second season. If there is any show mentioned in this post in which I believe that should deserve a second viewing, it would be OreGairu.

Anime: Overlord
Production Studio: Madhouse
Episode Count: 13 eps
Release Year: Summer 2015 + 2nd Season Announced
Genres: Action, Game, Adventure, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy
MAL vs. My Score: 8.04/10 … 2/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, KonoSuba, & The King’s Avatar
Reason: What a massive disappointment this show became. I went into this series expecting a fun action series with unique characters and a badass main character. I came out of this series with a few extra hours of sleep instead. This show was not fun, not enjoyable, not memorable, and all around not good.

I found the MC to be quite decent I guess, with the exception for the fact how he is overpowered as fuck. I also found the supporting cast of characters to be dull and forgettable, and some I literally would like to murder because of how much I despise them *cough* Albedo *cough*. At least of all 12 episodes, that there was one good episode and that was the hug of death episode. After that, it was easily one of the worst viewing experiences I have ever had when watching the anime medium.

Like Code Geass R3, I want absolutely nothing to do with the recently announced 2nd season of Overlord.

Anime: Plastic Memories
Production Studio: Doga Kobo
Episode Count: 13 eps
Release Year: Spring 2015
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
MAL vs. My Score: 7.97/10 … 2/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Time of Eve & Planetarian
Reason: I remember being one of the first people to even watch this season, I hit start the moment the first episode went live online. So I was able to enjoy the show without any prior feedback as to what other people’s thoughts on the show. And as for my thoughts on the first episode, I enjoyed it but something just felt slightly off about it. I knew it had potential to be a great drama series as the first episode was one of the saddest introductions to an anime I have ever seen… soon to then realize that the sadness of the series would slowly dip into boredom and then later comedic really. I could successfully guess exactly what would happen in the last episode of the series after just watching the first episode… when that episode finally aired instead of crying of sadness like most people, I actually started crying from laughter because of how horribly made the series ended up becoming.

I just feel like the series could be a lot better if it just remained to be an episodic series in Mushishi-esc fashion. Or simply even just turning it into a one episode OVA and stopping it after the first episode. One other thing that I don’t understand is that the society is so technologically advanced to be able to build androids with a sense of a personality and emotion which is almost identical to humans, then simply why can’t they make a system where they can just take a memory card of an android after the body “expires” and just insert it into a new body thereby making it practically immortal?

It is without a doubt the worst drama anime that I have ever seen, and I am not sorry to say that.

Anime: ReLIFE
Production Studio: TMS Entertainment
Episode Count: 13 eps
Release Year: Summer 2016
Genres: Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, School
MAL vs. My Score: 8.20/10 … 6/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Welcome to the NHK
Reason: Before you get all up in arms about this being mentioned in the first place, just know that I do not hate this show even in the slightest. ReLIFE was one of those shows that looked very very average to me before starting it. But after it having a sudden Netflix-style release that came out of nowhere and people were all in a frenzy to marathon it, I instead decided to at least check out the first episode to see if I could get into it at all. In the end, I found the first episode to be very very average with nothing noteworthy to recommend to others as well as having a very obvious lack of budget. So after that first episode, I decided to no longer continue… until there was a dub by Funimation that came out months later, and since all the hype had died down, and finally give it the benefit of the doubt and to see if the show was as great as people made it out to be. Long term short, it was average and forgettable.

I don’t know if this show was made for me due to my current age of being only 18 year old. And since I cam currently going through high school right now, so I can’t associate with the working life of adulthood right now so maybe that is why I don’t enjoy this show.

Just everything about the show felt average, dull and forgettable. From the characters to the story, to music, and even to the art/animation. It all felt bland.

Knowing me, I probably will end up giving this show another chance by the time I grow into adulthood so by that time I may be able to relate more with the main character than I already currently do.

Anime: Re:Zero ~Starting Life In Another World~
Production Studio: White Fox
Episode Count: 25 eps
Release Year: Spring 2016
Genres: Action, Psychological, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
MAL vs. My Score: 8.54/10 … 6/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: KonoSuba, Steins;Gate, SukaSuka, & All You Need Is Kill (And the movie adaptation Edge of Tomorrow)
Reason: Honestly, I wasn’t even originally planning on watching this series in the first place before all of the hype started. And if you follow me on twitter at all, you would know that I have some problems with the series. My biggest problem with the series is just how borderline generic all of the characters seem, with there being dozens of characters introduced, only a handful of them actually get any development over the events of the series, and the ones I actually care about get little to no development at all. I don’t hate Subaru as an MC, he is actually pretty good and I feel like I would react in a similar manner as him if I was in his situation. The other major issue I have with the series is pacing: the show has no end goal in sight other than to pretty much be an anime version of “Dumb Ways To Die ~Subaru Edition~” and just has no linearity at all while leaving interesting plot threads left unconcluded. This is most prevalently shown in the completely unanswered “Royal Election Arc”, where all we saw was who the candidates were and never got a winner to be crowned… Subaru just decided to go fight a giant flying killer whale instead.

This next comment is not at all related to the series at all, but instead regarding the series’ fans. I don’t know what it is about this show’s fanbase but they are just the worst, defending the show to their death having some people praise it as the greatest anime ever since Neon Genesis Evangelion when it is anything but that. Again, it is not a bad show… but some people just need to learn how to take criticism. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I have been blocked on Twitter by an anituber and aniblogger just because I am not a fan of the show in a while.

Just a little idea of my own… can we please get a two-cour Fantasy/Romance/Action series starring the Van Astrea family???

Overall, I would be very much interested in seeing another season for this series but I just do not find the show to be anything above a 6/10. However, I am glad that I watched it.

Anime: Seraph of the End
Production Studio: WIT
Episode Count: 24 eps
Release Year: Spring 2015 & Fall 2015
Genres: Action, Drama, Vampire, Supernatural, Shounen
MAL vs. My Score: 7.65/10 … 1/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: Hellsing Ultimate, Shiki, & The Promised Neverland
Reason: A new anime being made by the same studio behind Attack on Titan? Sawano music? Cool background art? Vampires in a dystopian future setting? What’s not to love?

Well… in my case, nothing. When the first episode came out, I ended up fairly enjoying it but was a little apprehensive because I was unsure as to where the show would go from there on out. And for me, it was nowhere but down. Giving us a series where there are vampires practically ruling the city, and of all places the show takes the main characters into a school of all places??? That alone pissed me off to no end as well as having copy and pasted characters that were literally straight out of Haikyuu, to having one of the most cringeworthy female characters of the year, and one of the most generic main characters I have ever seen. This show quite frankly got on my nerves a lot. It was not a fun watch, it was cringeworthy and was torturous to drag myself through this show’s entire first series where it only got worse from there on out.

What’s even funnier is how the show could have been a far more fascinating series if the show was shown through the eyes of Mikaela, instead of Yuu.

It’s hard to compliment this series on outright anything really since the show is the most unoriginal anime I have ever seen. The only things that I could compliment this series on is a handful of good Sawano soundtracks, gorgeous background artwork, and an interesting character in Mikaela.

Also, I watched this show in English subs when it was airing, but I recently saw a small clip of the English dub of this show and it was laughably bad. Just as laughably bad as this scene about driving a truck around the city.

This show is not good, it without a doubt the worst anime I have ever seen. Do not watch this. I want absolutely nothing to do with this series, I will not read the manga and I will never watch season 2. This series is dead to me.

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins
Production Studio: A-1 Pictures
Episode Count: 28 eps
Release Year: Fall 2014
Genres: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen
MAL vs. My Score: 8.37/10 … 4/10
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: My Hero Academia, Magi, & Fullmetal Achemist: Brotherhood
Reason: This series is a strange one. At first, I originally dropped this show when it was airing back in Fall 2014 after being five episodes in due to it being a show with great action and cool character designs, but a story that made absolutely zero sense… And still after picking it back up two years later and completing it. The show’s story still makes no sense once so ever and a bunch of character that I have zero attachment towards them at all.

In the end, it just was not an enjoyable series with little to applaud it for other than some technical aspects of the show. I will not be watching the show’s second season when it inevitably comes out.

Anime: Steins;Gate
Production Studio: White Fox
Episode Count: 24 eps + Movie
Release Year: Spring 2011
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
MAL vs. My Score: 9.16/10 … 7/10 (TV) & 6/10 (Movie)
Similar Media I Believe Are Better: The Steam Game Titled To The Moon
Reason: Let’s get this clear right now, I do not hate this series. This film just fell to the unfortunate scenario where I got overhyped.

I love the overall plot synopsis, but in the end, I was just severely disappointed to see what is supposedly an “amazing time travel series” turn out to have only two episodes out of 24 episodes end up having literal time travel taking place. The characters all seem to be some really interesting people but for some reason or another, I could not connect with any of them. I just do not have too much else to say other than overall major disappointment.

I am in major need of a rewatch.


Just in case if you made it to the end of this blog post of mine, you may realize a trend that occurs throughout almost every single show that I have mentioned. This trend namely being a heavy focus on characters. If I start an anime series or movie out on a sour note by not enjoying or not connecting with any of the characters, chances are that I just genuinely will not have any interest in the actions that the characters are making, in-turn having me not enjoy a show in the long run. Also, just because a show has lots of action, does not automatically mean that I will find it enjoyable.

So what are your thoughts on this post of mine? Are there any shows on here that are surprised to see mentioned? Are there any shows that I should give another chance? And what series would you put on your own version of this post! Be sure to mention that in the comment section down below.

~Next Blog Post~
I still am currently deciding on what anime film I am wanting to review next, but chances are it will be either A Silent Voice or Blame!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice list–some were some of my favorites and on others I rather agreed. As to whether to watch Blame or A Silent Voice, I’d definitely go with A Silent Voice if I were you. Blame is hardly character driven, while A Silent Voice has some powerful characters and drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im most likely going to choose A Silent Voice since I’ve already seen it and have things that I can talk about.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Arria Cross says:

    Oh no. I see Code Geass here. I’m crying. Oh well, everyone has their own tastes. I also have my own personal list, so I get that there are a lot of mainstream or popular anime that just do not entertain some people.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Schizoidmouse says:

    This is a hard topic to talk about in general. To openly state one’s dislike or middling feelings about a popular or beloved piece is always hard since quite possibly you will receive backlash maybe. Luckily in the aniblogger community I haven’t seen backlash ever be a problem (probably because there are a lot of great people in it) so it ticks off that from the possible negatives.

    I always commend people for opening up about things, especially when its to go against the grain so to speak. Even if I am a part of said grain (Oregairu being one of my favourite romcom anime), its nice to see another side to it. You are not alone with certain picks as I have never quite fallen head over heels for Re:Zero, Overlord, GATE especially or Code Geass (still need to attempt to pick that up again maybe). To be open about it is sometimes the most refreshing feeling one can have when talking about anime. As cliche as this might sound, “the truth shall set one free” so to speak.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There are some series you mention there (Overlord, 7 Deadly Sins, Code Geass, Shingeki no Vampire, Re:Zero/10) that I pretty much knew what they would be like before watching them, so I never did.

    I also feel similarly towards Plastic Memories and Steins;gate. It’s so good finding someone else that doesn’t love the latter. I was beginning to think I was weird.

    It’s been a while since I read your blog. It is much nicer without that grey header attached to the top of the screen. Now we have more space to read.

    The best thing about this post is that you offer recommendations of better shows in the same style. Even the people who totally disagree can get value out of it.

    I thought from the beginning Kekkai Sensen would be episodic adventures. I enjoyed it well enough. The English dub did help. No one wants to read subtitles with so much good animation happening. In any case, the lack of consequences and mostly self-contained episodes are also how Cowboy Bebop is, and you cited it as a superior alternative. Sure that CB doesn’t usually utilise the same areas enough for damage continuity to matter, but that aspect was mostly fine with me in Kekkai Sensen because of how exaggerated and alien NY was. They just rebuilt most things with alien tech, dood. Except for that bar. It kept destroyed and took long to rebuild because it was poor.

    If I made a list like that, I would include Shingeki no Kyoujin as a show everyone but me loves, and point to Blue Genger and Evangelion as superior alternatives. The shows are so different I almost never stop to think how Eva pretty much has the same premise as SnK.

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  5. Irina says:

    We seem to have similar tastes!


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