Anime Review #7: Princess Mononoke (Spoiler-Free)

Anime Title: Princess Mononoke もののけ姫 “Mononoke Hime” Production Studio: Studio Ghibli Director: Hayao Miyazaki Composer: Joe Hisaishi Release Date: July 12, 1997 Running Time: 2 Hours 14 Minutes + English Dub Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama “Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living” Osa….

Anime Review #3: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (Spoiler-Free)

Anime Title: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 東京マグニチュード8.0 Production Studio: Studio Bones Director: Masaki Tachibana Composer: Kow Otani Air Date: Summer 2009 Episode Count: 11 Genres: Drama This series is what my username is based off of and is also where my profile picture is from. This show is one of the few that has dragged me in from…